• October 8th, 2013

The Structure of NRN should be changed. Interview to nepal24hours.com

You have announced your candidacy for the chairperson of the NRN-ICC, why do you want to be the chairperson of the organization?

I am among the founders of the organization. I also hold the posts like vice chairperson of NCC Europe and vice-chairperson and patron of ICC. I have left the position in 2009 for consensus as I did not want to see split in the organization. I left the position for Jiba Lamichhane in 2011 as well as I stepped down to save the organization from having split. This time, I have announced candidacy as I felt that I should lead the organization as I am one of the founders of the organization.

The main reason for my candidacy is to devote my long experience for the benefit of the organization. Similarly, another reason is none of the leaders paid attention for strengthening the structure and financial status of the organization. How long we can run the organization from the money collected during the period of general convention. There is a need of strengthening the financial status of the organization. I want to stress that conducive environment should be made for general people as well to reach to the leadership of the organization.

Five persons including you have announced candidacy for the post, so, why there is so much competition for the leadership?

The organization expanded easily but the bitter reality is that the structure did not get strengthened. NCCs have been formed in 65 countries. It is said that there should not be politics in the organization but there was influence of political parties as all paid very much attention to the election of NCC and ICC. Another weakness is that the organization concentrated more on election and selecting new leadership rather than heading towards meeting the objectives of the organization. All persons have been concentrating on the issue of winning election rather than analyzing the problems faced by the organization. Filing candidacy by five persons for the top post of the Organization is the result of above mentioned issue.

Then what is the solution for it?

The structure of the organization should be changed. The organization should be taken ahead on the basis of decentralization and regional-set up. There is a competition for the leadership but the organization like ours should select the leadership through consensus.

You have been sometimes raising the issues of dual citizenship, sometimes continuation of citizenship and sometimes identity card. Why there is no consistency in your demands?

We have pointed out all the problems faced by NRNs and submitted it to the Government. We are hopeful that the second constituent assembly would resolve most of our issues. For me registration of the organization and continuity of citizenship are two major agendas. If our demand regarding citizenship was addressed it will help to connect new generation with Nepal and also encourage them to do investment in Nepal.

It seems that the issue of investment sidelined without achieving result. Isn’t it?

The issue is being raised from the very beginning. In the beginning, we did not have proper experience. Although there are over three million Nepalese staying abroad, the reality is that only very few are prosperous. The concept of different funds emerged but lack of proper investment opportunity in the country has not encouraged for this issue. However there are some progresses in recent years and the situation of NRN is also improving gradually.

In Nepal, it is said that NRNs come to Nepal to celebrate Dashain and Tihar festivals in the name of General Convention. Is it true?

It is sad that people are making such comment while representatives of an organization have been returning home for some purpose. I think this is due to lack of confidence. The sad part of the organization is that there are problems in NCC of different countries. Sinilarly NRNs are not abiding by set policies of the organization; the discipline committee is almost inactive and all the issues are targeted for the election.

What are the programs you have for resolving the problems being faced by over three million Nepali people staying abroad?

NRN have realized their responsibility towards their motherland. However the bitter reality is that they have not been able to support their motherland as per expectation. Similarly we have not been able to promote the country as expected but the most important part is that all people staying abroad should not be analyzed from the same angle. We need to categorize NRNs based on NRNs having foreign passport and NRNs without having foreign passport. Both the categories of people have separate problems and it should be resolved differently. I am planning to raise these issues in the upcoming General Convention. NRN should be institutionally strengthened and should be strengthened economically. My candidacy is for achieving these objectives.

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