• August 21st, 2013

Ram Pratap Thapa Candidacy, “Statement of Announcement”

Dear NRNA Colleagues

Greetings from Germany!

Together with you all, we have helped NRNA come a long way forward in the last 10 years. It has been my privilege to work with so many of you to establish and promote NRNA for the betterment of the Diaspora and our motherland.

Because of my keen interest to serve the Association even more actively. I am pleased to announce my candidacy for the position of the president of NRNA for the term 2013-15.

I have been at the very core of the NRN movement right from its inception in 2003, and have been fortunate to serve the Association in many capacities including its Vice President and Patron. I have been the chair of important task forces including task force on dual citizenship, sustainability task force and as chairman of the disciplinary committee.

As you all know, during the fourth global conference of the NRNA in 2009, I was unanimously chosen as the President of the Association but I agreed to make way for Mr. Devman Hirachan in order to build an environment of unity within the organisation. During the fifth global conference in 2011, I openly supported the election of Mr. Jiba Lamichhane with a view to promote the emerging leadership within the NRNA. Here, I would like to reiterate that I have believed in promoting NRNA rather than holding any official position.
Today, we have come to an important cross-road along the evolution process of the NRNA, and we need to simultaneously resolve many critical issues. Some major ones in my opinion are as follows:

• Registration of NRNA in Nepal as a socio-cultural non-profit organization
• Realising the mantra of “Once a Nepali Always a Nepali” by pushing the agenda of retention of Nepali citizenship for a prosperous Nepal and for the sake of our future generations
• Managing the large scale collective investment that the current leadership has so well mobilized by further rallying investments from across Nepali diaspora including ex-Gurkhas
• Creating significant projects in finance, education and technology transfer areas in Nepal
• Enhancing the credibility of NRNA by delivering concrete results in Nepal by working in close collaboration with the Government of Nepal, private sector and the NGOs
• Helping our Diaspora members face the often challenging situation in many countries, such as in the Gulf countries and Malaysia
• Formulate targeted programmes to promote participation of women and youth in the NRNA movement
• Encourage Nepalese diaspora to impart Nepali culture and values to their children by organising Nepali language classes, among others.

With my extensive experience and involvement in NRNA right from the beginning, and my professional experience in management, finance and organization building, I have solid plans to strongly push all these important agendas in the NRNA. More importantly, I want to give my passionate and engaged service to the organization.

I am asking for your help in making my candidacy successful. I will be visiting and communicating with many of you to seek your input and learning about how NRNA can help in your needs.

Thank you.


Ram Pratap Thapa
Patron, NRNA
Skype: rampthapa
Email: thapa@web.de
Tel: +49-1788676443

2nd August 2013

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