• August 18th, 2013

Ram Pratap Thapa Announces Candidacy

KATHMANDU: Founder and Patron of Non Residential Nepali Association (NRNA) Ram Pratap Thapa has announced his candidacy for the next term.

Thapa, who was active in the movement since the establishment of NRNA, claimed that he is filing the candidacy as his long association with the global body would be helpful for acquiring dual citizenship for NRNs, create joint solidarity of all Nepali scattered across the globe and to create conducive environment for investing in the motherland.

Shesh Ghale, who was named among the richest persons in Australia, has already announced candidacy for the post. Earlier Thapa withdrew his candidacy to make consensus for selecting chairperson of the NRNA during the time of Dev Man Hirachan and Jiba Lamichhane. He has played important role since the beginning of the global body, so, many NRN’s have been in favor of selecting him for the post of chairperson. Although two persons have announced candidacy for the post there is a trend of selecting chairperson through consensus.

Ram Thapa, who is the founder and patron of NRNA, has reached Germany for higher education some 37 years ago and has been staying there since then.

He retired from the post of Finance Analyst of Saving Group of Germany, one of the prestigious organizations of Germany. He has been thoughtful about how can NRNs can contribute for the development of the country. He has been conducting conference about Nepal and organize Nepal day in Germany. Thapa has been making efforts to bring investment to the motherland through Asia and Pacific office of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and also attract German investors in Nepal. However his effort could not materialize after UNIDO closed in 1990 and there is not positive environment for investment in Nepal.

However Thapa has been making efforts for inviting German investors to invest in Nepal. Thapa, who is also the chairperson of German Nepal Friendly Association, has been concentrating discussion on how he can engage his time for Nepal except some time needed for his professional work.

One of the activists of NRN movement, Thapa believes that if we could channelize the investment of NRNs in some particular area there will be visible change. Based on his long experience, he has been making plan how NRNs could contribute for the development of the country.

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